If you're someone who likes to shop, cares about style, or just wants to feel good about getting dressed in the morning, consignment and resale - or the buying of previously owned clothes at a steep discount - is a missed opportunity for many. I see so many people miss the chance to treat their closet as I do - a rotating library of pieces that come and go. With some of the top brands and trends in 2016 involving clothes that first belonged to someone else (Vetements, vintage Levi's, Reformation, The Vintage Twin, and more), it's a fun way to shop, but also a way to have a smaller carbon footprint, spend less money, and get more out of your clothing. It's a learned skill-set, and one I have taught many. I've done it for friends and acquaintances forever, and now I want to do it for you. Your clothing has a few lives, not one.

Me: I have been consignment shopping since I was eleven years old. It's what I do for fun, or for sport. Over the past 18 years since I have consignment shopped all over the country and world, developing a keen eye for deals, pieces, and an ability to sift through and find the gems. Throughout my travels I have developed relationships at some of the best consignment and resale stores in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Austin, for example. I continue to learn cities by the clothes people in them left behind. You can learn more about my love of consignment here. 


You can learn more about me here.

Reduce, reuse, consign,

Meredith Fineman