Man Repeller: Consignment Tips and Tricks from a Discount Shopping Pro

Meredith Fineman fell in love with consignment shopping at age 11 when she came across a neon green C&C tank top for ten dollars. “Those tanks were the shit. Layering them was life. To find one for ten bucks? Sorcery.”

From that point on she was hooked. Fineman does it for fun, for sport, and as a semi-side hustle: in addition to her 9-5, she created a newsletter called Cosign + Co. that focuses on the art of consignment.

RACKED: How to Consign Your Stuff

In between the categories of resale shops and vintage stores lies consignment: boutiques that will take the “good stuff” from your closet and (attempt to) sell it to someone else. These often cater to a higher-end seller and shopper; if resale shops like Beacon’s Closet are where you bring old Zara and Aritzia, consignment stores like INA in New York and Decades in Los Angeles are where you bring what once came from Barneys.

Meredith Fineman — the founder of Consign + Co, a company that advises buyers and sellers on all things consignment — answers our most frequently asked questions, like which brands have the highest demand and how much you can expect to get back.